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Name Position Birth Date
Prestatyn Town Club Badge

Prestatyn Town Players

Reece Fairhurst Defender 12/11/1994
Michael Foulkes - -
Callum Jones Defender 15/04/2000
Jack Kelly Forward 10/03/1999
Lewis Pierce - -
Warren Adam Midfielder 12/11/1988
David Cheveaux Goalkeeper 06/11/1996
Zyaac Edwards Midfielder 30/05/1996
Casey Faulkner Midfielder 14/11/1998
Myles Hart Defender 14/08/1996
Callum Herd Midfielder 13/07/1997
Sam Herd Midfielder 13/07/1998
Jack Higgins Striker 09/11/1991
Nathanial Hulme Midfielder 26/12/1998
Carl Jones Goalkeeper 20/04/1994
Damian Ketley Striker 11/08/1991
Jack Lewis Left Club 18/05/1988
Ryan Roberts Goalkeeper 21/04/1993
Connor Shackleton Defender 17/02/1996
Liam Smith Left Club -
Ross Weaver Midfielder 31/07/1996
Alec Williams Midfielder 19/05/1987
Max Dilworth Defender 13/11/1999
David Hayes Defender 15/01/1982
Thomas Kemp Defender 30/12/1994
Paul O'Neill Defender 17/06/1982
David Xander Williams Defender 20/11/2000
Noah Edwards Midfielder 30/05/1996
Louis Irvine Midfielder 01/07/1993
Reece James Midfield 23/08/2000
Elliot Lloyd Midfielder -
Michael Parker Midfielder 31/07/1987
James Stead Midfielder 18/05/1994
Ross Stephens Midfield -
Aaron White Midfielder 30/04/2000
Oliver Buckley Forward -
Zebb Edwards Striker 08/05/1999
Ben Maher Striker 28/09/1995
Macauley Taylor Striker 27/10/1999