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Name Position Birth Date
Bala Town FC Club Badge

Bala Town FC Players

Vaughn Charles Goalkeeper 11/10/1991
Ashley Morris Goalkeeper 31/07/1984
Craig Vernon Goalkeeper 07/02/1989
Andrew Burns Defender 02/07/1993
Steve Fisher Defender 19/06/1973
Evan Horwood Defender 10/03/1986
Stuart Jones Defender 28/08/1986
Stuart J Jones Defender 14/03/1984
Anthony Miley Defender 30/08/1992
Sean Smith Defender 12/12/1994
Ryan Valentine Defender 19/08/1982
Nathan Burke Midfielder 15/09/1995
Josh Jones Midfielder 09/10/2000
Rob Pearson Midfielder 16/11/1990
Kieran Smith Midfielder 03/06/1992
Chris Venables Midfielder 23/07/1985
Mike Hayes Striker 21/11/1987
Andrew Mangan Striker 30/08/1986
Ian Sheridan Striker 12/03/1989
Steven Tames Forward 19/01/1992