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Name Position Birth Date
Aberystwyth Town Club Badge

Aberystwyth Town Players

Chris Mullock Goalkeeper 16/09/1988
Adam Walters Goalkeeper 21/09/1995
Lee Jenkins Defender -
Sam Kersh Defender -
Carwyn Morgan Defender -
Craig Rogers Defender 22/02/1990
Craig Rogers Defender 22/02/1990
Declan Walker Defender 01/03/1992
Ryan Wollacott Defender 01/12/1994
Steffan Gittins Midfielder -
Matthew Jones Midfielder 14/07/1999
Geoff Kellaway Midfielder 07/04/1986
Malcolm Melvin Midfielder 08/05/1995
Tom Owens Midfielder 25/09/1991
Joe Phillips Midfielder 20/10/1994
Jack Rimmer Midfielder 29/03/1999
Harri Rowe Midfielder -
Ryan Wade Midfielder 22/01/1988
Ashley Young Midfielder 14/07/1990
Luke Borrelli Striker 28/03/1991
Niall Coleridge Forward -
Josh Crowl Forward -
Liam Doherty Forward -
Craig Hobson Striker 25/02/1998
Harri Horwood Striker 24/04/2000
John Owen Striker 18/08/1992
Kurt Sherlock Striker 09/01/1992