Date: Fri 28 Jun 2013

Cardiff City FC travel to Sarajevo in Champion's League

Gemau Dinas Caerdydd yng Nghynghrair y Pencampwyr

Welsh Premier Women's League Champions Cardiff City FC will play their first ever Champion's League matches in Bosnia Herzegovina and will contest their three matches in Sarajevo.
Their opponents will be SKF Sarajevo,NSA Sofia (Bulgaria) and Konac Beledyiesi (Turkey).

Bydd Pencampwyr Uwch Gynghrair Merched Cymru - Dinas Caerdydd - yn chwarae eu gemau yng Nghynghrair y Pencampwyr yn Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina). Eu gwrthwynebwyr fydd SKF Sarajevo,NSA Sofia (Bwlgaria) and Konac Beledyiesi (Twrci).

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