Date: Tue 25 Jun 2013

Corbett Sports WPL Fixtures Announced

Trefn Gemau UGC Tymor 2013/14

The fixtures for the 2013/14 Corbett Sports WPL season have been announced today and Champions TNS start with a live home clash against Port Talbot Town.

The season kicks off on Friday 23rd August with Welsh Cup holders Prestatyn Town hosting fellow Europa League qualifiers Bala Town. The following day sees five games, with Rhyl re-starting life in the top flight with a home clash against Aberystwyth Town at Belle Vue. Newtown also enjoy home advantage against Bangor City, whilst Airbus host Carmarthen and Connah's Quay welcome Afan Lido. The day is rounded off when the S4C cameras show the Champions clash.

Corbett Sports WPL Fixtures -Season 2013/4 - Trefn Gemau UGC Corbett Sports - Tymor 2013/14

Week 1 / Wythnos 1
Prestatyn v Bala
24/08/2013 Airbus UK v Carmarthen ***
Gap C Quay v Afan Lido ***
Newtown v Bangor
Rhyl v Aberystwyth
TNS v Port Talbot Live / Byw S4C KO 15.45

Week 2
26/08/2013 Aberystwyth v Afan Lido
Bala v Airbus UK
Bangor v Rhyl Live / Byw S4C KO 14.45
Newtown v Carmarthen
Port Talbot v Gap C Quay
Prestatyn v TNS

Week 3
30/08/2013 Aberystwyth v TNS
Bangor v Prestatyn
Carmarthen v Port Talbot
Gap C Quay v Bala
Rhyl v Newtown
31/08/2013 Afan Lido v Airbus UK Live / Byw S4C KO 15.45

Week 4
07/09/2013 Afan Lido v Bangor ***
Airbus UK v Newtown
Carmarthen v Rhyl ***
Port Talbot v Aberystwyth ***
Prestatyn v Gap C Quay Live / Byw S4C KO 15.45
TNS v Bala

Week 5
13/09/2013 Carmarthen v Afan Lido
Gap C Quay v TNS
14/09/2013 Aberystwyth v Prestatyn
Bala v Newtown Live / Byw S4C KO 15.45
Rhyl v Airbus UK
Bangor v Port Talbot

Week 6
20/09/2013 Bala v Rhyl
21/09/2013 Aberystwyth v Gap C Quay
Airbus UK v Port Talbot
Newtown v Afan Lido
Prestatyn v Carmarthen
TNS v Bangor Live / Byw S4C KO 15.45

Week 7
27/09/2013 Gap C Quay v Bangor
Prestatyn v Airbus UK
28/09/2013 Aberystwyth v Bala Live / Byw S4C KO 15.45
Port Talbot v Newtown
TNS v Carmarthen
29/09/2013 Afan Lido v Rhyl

Week 8
04/10/2013 Bangor v Aberystwyth
05/10/2013 Airbus UK V TNS Live / Byw S4C KO 15.45
Bala v Afan Lido
Carmarthen v Gap C Quay
Newtown v Prestatyn
Port Talbot v Rhyl

Week 9
No Fridays
12/10/2013 Afan Lido v Prestatyn
Carmarthen v Bangor Live / Byw S4C KO 15.45
Newtown v Gap C Quay
Rhyl v TNS
13/10/2013 Port Talbot v Bala
Airbus UK v Aberystwyth
Week 10
18/10/2013 Aberystwyth v Newtown
Bangor v Airbus UK
Gap C Quay v Rhyl
19/10/2013 Bala v Carmarthen
Prestatyn v Port Talbot
TNS v Afan Lido

Week 11
25/10/2013 Afan Lido v Carmarthen
Airbus UK v Rhyl
Prestatyn v Aberystwyth
TNS v Gap C Quay
26/10/2013 Newtown v Bala
Port Talbot v Bangor

Week 12
01/11/2013 Airbus UK v Prestatyn
Bala v Aberystwyth
Bangor v Gap C Quay
02/11/2013 Carmarthen v TNS
Newtown v Port Talbot
Rhyl v Afan Lido

Week 13
08/11/2013 Aberystwyth v Airbus UK
Gap C Quay v Newtown
TNS v Rhyl
09/11/2013 Bala v Port Talbot
Bangor v Carmarthen
Prestatyn v Afan Lido

Week 14
15/11/2013 Airbus UK v Bangor
Afan Lido v TNS
16/11/2013 Carmarthen v Bala
Newtown v Aberystwyth
Rhyl v Gap C Quay
Port Talbot v Prestatyn

Week 15
22/11/2013 Aberystwyth v Rhyl
Bala v Prestatyn
Bangor v Newtown
23/11/2013 Afan Lido v Gap C Quay
Carmarthen v Airbus
24/11/2013 Port Talbot v TNS

Week 16
29/11/2013 Airbus UK v Bala
30/11/2013 Afan Lido v Aberystwyth
Carmarthen v Newtown
Gap C Quay v Port Talbot
TNS v Prestatyn
Rhyl v Bangor

Week 17
13/12/2013 Bala v Gap C Quay
Port Talbot v Carmarthen
TNS v Aberystwyth
14/12/2013 Airbus UK v Afan Lido
Newtown v Rhyl
Prestatyn v Bangor

Week 18
20/12/2013 Aberystwyth v Port Talbot
Bala v TNS
Gap C Quay v Prestatyn
21/12/2013 Bangor v Afan Lido
Newtown v Airbus UK
Rhyl v Carmarthen
Week 19
26/12/2013 Aberystwyth v Carmarthen
Bangor v Bala
Gap C Quay v Airbus UK
Newtown v TNS
Port Talbot v Afan Lido
Prestatyn v Rhyl

Week 20
01/01/2014 Afan Lido v Port Talbot
Airbus UK v Gap C Quay
Bala v Bangor
Carmarthen v Aberystwyth
Rhyl v Prestatyn
TNS v Newtown
Week 21
04/01/2014 Bangor v TNS
Carmarthen v Prestatyn
Gap C Quay v Aberystwyth
Port Talbot v Airbus UK
Rhyl v Bala
05/01/2014 Afan Lido v Newtown

Week 22
18/01/2014 Afan Lido v Bala
Aberystwyth v Bangor
Gap C Quay v Carmarthen
Rhyl v Port Talbot
Prestatyn v Newtown
TNS v Airbus UK

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