Date: Sun 21 Apr 2013

Aber Stalwart Paddy Calls Time

Glyndwr Hughes plays his final game on Tuesday

Glyndwr Hughes plays his final game on Tuesday

Aberystwyth Town stalwart Glyndwr Hughes will play his final Welsh Premier League game on Tuesday evening when he dons the famous Aberystwyth Town green for the final time.

Known by all as 'Paddy' the forward, who is in the 100 club for League goals, will make his final appearance at Bala Town's Maes Tegid in the Seasider's final game of the campaign.

Aberystwyth Town's Media Director Thomas Crockett spoke with Hughes a few years ago after he scored his 100th League goal against Cefn Druids and this is what he had to say at the time...

First goal

26th October 1996: Aberystwyth Town 4 -5 Caernarfon Town

Yes a start, a few years ago mind unfortunately dont have any recollection of the goal, to many hits to the old 'noggin' has affected the memory. Probably a 30yard screamer!!!!!!

100th goal

21st November 2009: Aberystwyth Town v Cefn Druids
At last only taken me 15 years to score a 100, a typical first class finish, a pinpoint cross by geoff and it came off the knee, thigh and belly from 2 yards. Its taken a while but am happy I got there eventually.

Quickest goal (40 seconds)

30th October 1999: Aberystwyth Town 4 Haverfordwest County 0A
Again were delving into the past not and im not sure about this goal, something tells me i scored a brace or maybe more, but now with words such as 'stalwart,veteran' in the same sentence as me, maybe i shouldnt remember these things???????????????????

Latest goal (92nd minute)

24th April 2000: Aberystwyth Town 2 Carmarthen Town 1
This goal is one goal i do remember well, last game of the season a draw would have seen Camarthen through to europe. From a Gavin O'tool corner at narks end, i remember visualising, this ball is mine and telling the marker im going to score here, as the ball came in I nailed the ball in the top corner off the head and the rest is history.

Hat tricks

25th April 1998: Aberystwyth Town 5 Welshpool Town 0
16th March 2001: Aberystwyth Town 6 Llanelli 0
To be honest i thought i scored a few more hat tricks, the welshpool one i dont remember. The Llanelli one i do, it was just one of those days that not much went wrong, had three chances and scored them all. (if only them days would come every week, id be on 200+ by now)

Most important goal

16th May 2000: Wales Semi Pros 1 England 1 (at Llanelli)
This has to be said was my proudest moment even though it was only for the last 20mins, came on and probably only touched the ball around 5 times in all. We were trailing by a goal and it was a back post header off a corner that i scored from, Freddy says that he was behind me calling for the ball, I know one thing he wasnt first to the ball but he sure was the first to rugby tackle me in celebration.

Most spectacular goal

23rd March 2001: Carmarthen Town 1 Aberystwyth Town 1
Yes the goal against Camarthen was the most spectacular, it was a kind of goal that Hugo sanchez use to score every week for Real madrid or so it seemed when i was a kid. Chris Hammond crossed the ball and i had my back to the goal around the penalty spot, I overhead kicked the ball, it was pure instinct and it flew in.

My Best goal

For me my best goal was against anybody i scored the winner against, be it off my head, thigh, shin, feet, nothing beats the feeling of winning football, even if its in training.

My Jammiest goal

There has been a few, but you dont remember them, so it has to be the attempted cross against Bala goal 99

My Favourite goal

Has to be the over head kick it was very 'Hugo esk' its what i loved seeing on TV and trying in the park when i was YOUNG down the park, good times. The only down side to the goal was that they had bloody yts cameraman on sgorio and he missed it, typical, I guess we all got to start somewhere, look at me.

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