Date: Mon 04 Feb 2013

WPL Statement Regarding Gap Connah's Quay

Following much speculation regarding the circumstances surrounding the Gap Connah's Quay Disciplinary Panel Hearing - The Corbett Sports WPL would like to confirm the following timeline of events:

The offence occurred on January 5th 2013 when Lee Davey participated in the WPL match for Gap Connah's Quay against Carmarthen Town.

The FAW became aware on 14/1/13 that Davey had allegedly participated for his third club in the same playing season, which is a breach of FAW Rule 66.4.2.

Whilst the FAW investigated the matter the FAW immediately wrote to the club advising them not to play Mr Davey again during the process. The FAW issued a charge to Gap Connah's Quay on the 22/1/13 in accordance with FAW Rule 43.1.2.

The club had seven business days to respond stipulating whether they admitted or denied the charge.

Gap Connah's Quay responded on the 31/1/13 denying the charge but waived their right to a private hearing before a Disciplinary Panel.

Upon receipt of their supporting written evidence in denial of the charge the FAW immediately convened a Disciplinary Panel hearing on Friday 1/2/13, in order for the matter to be considered quickly and before knowing the outcome of the Phase 1 fixtures.

Following the outcome of the hearing - the decision and the Panel's grounds for that decision was communicated to the Gap Connah's Quay club secretary and the WPL at 4.14 PM.

Following a discussion between the club and the WPL, it was decided in the best interests of the competition that the decision be publically announced following the completion of the Phase 1 fixtures.

Gap Connah's Quay has seven business days in which to lodge an official appeal against the decision of the Disciplinary Panel.

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